Unmarried Couple from UP Commits Suicide as Families Disapprove Their Relationship

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  Another unfortunate incident hit a village in UP as a teenage couple allegedly took their own life by hanging from a tree. Police reported that ongoing investigations revealed that the unmarried couple had since being in love with each other and had wanted to spend together forever but got their relationship completely disproved from both their parents. Considering the growing rate of depression, the rate of suicidal couples’ death has been on the high side and there’s growing concern that even more of such incidents would happen in the later future within UP and soon, the whole of India.
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  Glaringly, the incident was reported to the police by villagers claiming to have seen dead bodies of a 22-year-old and 15-year-old teenage youths hanging from a tree. The authorities within the district have however taken it upon themselves to dig deep into the case and investigate if there was any other motive behind the seeming self-murder. However, villagers around have since explained to the police that the two lovers were really infatuated with one another and virtually every one within the area knew about their flings but sadly enough, their both parents were not in support of the relationship. As at the time of this report, the police haven’t really gotten enough reasons or conditions why the parents disproved the relationship.
In subsequent times, the police are optimistic more light would be thrown to this. Before now, the police had sent the bodies of the deceased for post-mortem to affirm whether the couple were murdered and converted in guise of suicide or if was truly suicide. Whatever the result pans out to be, the police believe it would give them the lead on what next to do.
Meanwhile, this is not the first time when couples would take drastic steps to ending their lives in Uttah Pradesh after their families disapproved of their relationships. Before now, there have been lots of reports penned down affirming that couples committed suicide with the fear of being rejected by their or the other party’s parents. Usually, the reason behind this rejection from parent is due to the inability to balance up financially from parents to their wards, and hence they kind of feel the time is not right enough for both to be together. In some other cases, it could just be parents’ perception and decision of not liking their ward’s partner or some other reasons best known to them. Ironically, the same incident had happened earlier this year, in June precisely, when a teenage couple from the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh allegedly took poison and ended their own life. The decreased couple were identified as Pooja and Maakhan. Both Pooja and Maakhan were said to be residents of Palpur village, a district linking boundaries of the Cantonment police station. As reported, the lady, Khushboo ended her life by drinking poison and when Maakhan heard that she was dead, he also ended his life by ingesting poison.