About Clustrmedia

An awesome visual design can quickly connect with a prospective customer. However, there is an increasing level of disconnect between visual design and user experience. Clustrmedia was founded to address the various disconnects.

Our goal is to help upcoming visual designers and would-be visual designer to gain the experience and skills needed to improve user experience.

Visual designers differ from other designers, such as graphic designers, web designers, and others. How do they differ?

Information on Clustrmedia will help you to think of visual design as the umbrella for all types of digital design works. When you see wireframes, logos, infographics, and iconography, think of a visual design.

Want to be a highly sought-after visual designer who does not only work on print projects but has the bulk of his work done to enhance digital products? Then stay with us for information and strategies for designing stunning visual designs that will wow the digital world!